To whom this may concern,

Re: Letter of Support for The Centre of Transformative Social Change

We are a group of students, educators and community organizers, who have connected to pursue a common passion and hope to get your support. We have many goals that can be achieved with your help. Our primary goal is to create the Center for Transformative Social Change (CTSC) that can connect students with existing organizations or support individuals and groups in the process of pursuing their own unique vision for a healthier world.

We want to be able to provide the space and office outside a formal classroom setting for students, faculty of all disciplines, community members, agencies and activists to explore and engage matters of transformative learning and transformative social change with social and environmental justice issues as the focus, in an inspiring, innovative, safe and supportive environment. We provide a process for building college-community partnerships: action based research and transformative social change initiatives. The CTSC will be able to provide opportunities for the formation of partnerships on the individual, local, national, and international levels, which focus on practices of transformative social change.

The CTSC has a hosted three symposiums, thus far, with students, community activists, educators, from the local, national and international field of transformative social change, all focusing on the various social problems our society faces in four primary focus areas, which are: transformative justice, environmental justice, transformative pedagogies and ethical subjectivity.

The details of CTSC can be found at:

As well as at: Research and Innovation:

On Martch 24, 2018, we will be hosting our 4th symposium.

You can  register for our upcoming symposium by clicking on events tab at  the CTSC web site.

If you are passionate about transformative social change and want to genuinely collaborate with others, we strongly encourage you to join us.

Our society needs to see change, and CTSC will help bring people together that could make these changes possible. There are no doubts that people will be able to gain satisfaction in not only knowing but seeing the difference the CTSC is making in the world.

CTSC is partnered with The Gatehouse : http://thegatehouse.organd Humber College and will be creating a permanent location for the CTSC on the Lakeshore Campus. Your signature is a statement of support to have endeavor.