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Thank you Edison Yao, Unicorn Studios

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Thank you, Edison Yao, Photographer, Unicorn Studios for sharing the two-day  Nov. 5 & 6, 2016 symposium experience through your creative vision in photography and film.

Edison is donating money to support The Gatehouse, He is directing a percentage of his business profits to help The Gatehouse with their work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families.

If you’re Looking for photography services, #UnicornStudios , can help you capture those special moments in your life. For sports, business, real estate, politics, family, and baby event bookings, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

If you book #UnicornStudios for your wedding, Edison will donate 15% of the proceeds to charity! And finally, if you buy #UnicornStudiosArtworksStore limited edition prints,  20% of the proceeds will be donated to charity!



Dr. Saeid, Research Team Lead

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 Dr. Saeid is leading our research students! Aqeel is working on developing quantitative and qualitative measurement tools to evaluate and measure the outcomes of the main activates and services delivered by the Centre for Transformative Social Change.

Aqeel is a full time professor at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in the Criminal Justice Degree Program.  He also worked as a researcher in several academic institutions including University of Toronto and Wilfred Laurie University. He served as the president of the United Nations Association –Toronto Region Branch from 2008-2010. Aqeel is very involved in community-based work through his capacity as a former board member of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAST), and a member of the New Horizons: Healing and Hope Coalition (NHHHC). He facilitates healing sessions for children, youth, and families traumatized by war and immigration for several communities in the GTA as one of his roles in the NHHHC. Aqeel holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, a Master degree in sociology and another one in Criminology.

Aqeel looks at the CTSC as a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on facilitating student/citizen engagement in the area of social innovation by sharing knowledge and expertise around transformative social change. It is a philosophical approach that increases awareness about societal collective conscience and individual mindfulness around social change.

Thank you to our students!

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Thank you to our wonderful team of Humber College School of Social and Community Services students  (L to R): Stephanie Desrosiers, CYC, Diane Rafacz, Criminal Justice Alumni and Skyler Davis, Criminal Justice who helped to make the November 5 & 6th symposium a wonderful event!

Hello world!

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Welcome to the Centre for Transformative Social Change Site

We are based in Toronto as a collaborative project between The Gatehouse and Humber College, but our network spans the globe.

The CTSC is a co-creative, collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on facilitating student engagement in the area of social justice innovation by sharing knowledge and expertise grounded in transformative social change. It is a philosophical and praxis-based approach that provides expertise, mentorship, collaboration and real-time practice opportunities with a focus on increasing individual critical reflection, which can lead to personal and social transformation.

The Centre helps students create projects, movements, organizations that transform individuals and communities, using the extensive emotional resources we each have and the vast potential of collaboration in small and large groups.

Our mission is to bring together those who want to initiate transformative social change within their communities, and through symposiums, workshops, seminars, put them in touch with mentors, change-makers, paradigm shifters, and resources to help them in the development of their projects and other groups in the process of pursuing their own unique vision for a healthier world.