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April 30th Join us for Facilitating Transformative Social Change: A public health response to violence in communities

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“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” James Baldwin

“The greatest security we can have is created through healthy relationships.” Arthur Lockhart

“Like the infectious diseases in our history, violence is better understood and more successfully treated as an epidemic.” Cure Violence

MeetingFacilitating Transformative Social Change: A public health response to violence in communities.

Date: April 30th 2018

Panelists: Zya Browne, Elizabeth Correia, Dr. Alok Mukherjee, Chris Glover, Louis March

Time: 10am -2pm


10:00am – Welcome – Arthur Lockhart

10:10am – 11:30am – Panelists

11:30am-12:00pm – Lunch Break (Please bring own lunch)

12:00pm-1:30pm – Open Space

1:30pm-2:00pm – Defining next steps

Location: G Building Humber College Lakeshore Campus.

Parking: Paid Parking available on Kipling and Lakeshore.

Registration Link: Please click to register to attend

Lunch: Please bring own lunch

Questions: Please contact Arthur Lockhart at

Theme statement of the meeting:

In essence the day is dedicated to engaging in meaningful actions aimed at transforming the cycle of violence in communities-

And in order to do this it can be instructive to explore violence not exclusively through the lens of criminal justice but by way of exploring violence as the manifestation of trauma. And trauma is best approached as a relational matter of public health.

  1. Address poverty. Reverse the growing gap between rich and poor
  2. Understand what’s happening. The mainstream narrative is about bad individuals, about guns and gangs. This feeds into a punitive police response. It does nothing to change the survival culture that feeds the cycle of violence. It doesn’t give young men an alternative to picking up a gun in order to get respect.
  3. Empower people in the communities. Programs should be run by people from the communities and inside the prisons. Recruit them as mentors and as peace negotiators.
  4. Address the trauma. Take a public health approach – treat the anger, aggression, fear, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

A wonderful book on trauma and transformative social change can be found at:

According to the author Steve Wineman:

Understanding trauma can help us to articulate what is deeply wrong with the current society.  Personal suffering is the most basic reason for social change. 

Understanding trauma can help us to mobilize rage in the service of nonviolent social change.

There is much less recognition that oppression is generically traumatizing.

Racism, patriarchy, homophobia, and economic brutality all routinely violate people’s integrity and repeatedly render people powerless in the face of overwhelming personal and institutional forces.  The social experience of people of color, gay people, women, workers, poor people, children, and disabled people is saturated with abuse, humiliation, violence, and negation of personal worth.  As Aurora Levins Morales argues, “abuse is the local eruption of systemic oppression, and oppression the accumulation of millions of small systematic abuses.”13

Trauma belies myths that people are immune to destructive social environments, that anyone can emerge unscathed and through hard work succeed, and conversely that those who don’t succeed are to blame for their own failures.  The study of trauma can teach us that ours is a sickening society — a society in which toxic social conditions create psychological and physical illness by routinely traumatizing people.  It teaches that a society organized around domination is bankrupt not only because it spawns enormous material inequality, violence, and oppressive power relations, but also because it degrades the quality of individual lives on a massive scale through the mechanism of trauma.

So the question for all of us to engage is: How to create healthy relationships as a response to manifestations of violence in our society?

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Transformative Social Change Symposium March 24, 2018

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Saturday, March 24, 2018 –  60 people gathered at Humber College Lakeshore Campus to talk about social change.

Thank you all to all guest speakers including:
Dr. Alok Mukherjee
Ardath Whynacht 
Marcia Brown C/O Jay Williams for Trust 15
Sue Enberg
Kelly Donovan Fit4Duty
Leonard Benoit
Zya Brown
Elizabeth Correia
Dr. Aqeel Saeid
Professor Arun Dhanota
Professor Linda Hill
Professor Arthur Lockhart
Humber College School of Social and Community Services Students

Thank you to our sponsors Humber School of Social and Community Services, special thanks to School of Social and Community Services Dean Derek Stockley.

Thank you to The Gatehouse staff and volunteers, all event volunteers, CTSC student team for their help at the event.

Thank you to our wonderful photographer Mr. Edison Yao, Unicorn Studios

Event Photos Available on our Facebook Page at Transformative Social Change Symposium 

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Sign Centre for Transformative Social Change Support Letter

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Hi Everyone

We need your support. We are a group of students, educators and community organizers, who have connected to pursue a common passion and hope to get your support. We have many goals that can be achieved with your help. Our primary goal is to create the Center for Transformative Social Change (CTSC) that can connect students with existing organizations or support individuals and groups in the process of pursuing their own unique vision for a healthier world.   Sign the support letter here!


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Transformative Social Change Symposium Nov. 4, 2017

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Our 4th annual Transformative Social Change Symposium in partnership with Humber College will take place on Saturday, November 4th, 2017!

Date: Saturday, November 4th

Time: 9:00am to 3:30pm

Location: Humber College Lakeshore Campus, Building G

Cost: Free.  We are asking registrants to bring a canned food or another non-perishable food item which will be donated to the local food bank.

Registration required. Sign up at

Presenters include:

  1. Alok, Mukjerjee
  2. Ardath Whynacht, PhD (c)
  3. Robert Clark
  4. Terry Swinton

Parking: There is free parking on campus. Observe all parking signs and regulations. We are not responsible for parking infractions.


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Check out The F-You Project Documentary

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Check out this documentary by The F-You Project “When Young People Decide To Forgive.”

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Thank you Edison Yao, Unicorn Studios

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Thank you, Edison Yao, Photographer, Unicorn Studios for sharing the two-day  Nov. 5 & 6, 2016 symposium experience through your creative vision in photography and film.

Edison is donating money to support The Gatehouse, He is directing a percentage of his business profits to help The Gatehouse with their work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families.

If you’re Looking for photography services, #UnicornStudios , can help you capture those special moments in your life. For sports, business, real estate, politics, family, and baby event bookings, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charity.

If you book #UnicornStudios for your wedding, Edison will donate 15% of the proceeds to charity! And finally, if you buy #UnicornStudiosArtworksStore limited edition prints,  20% of the proceeds will be donated to charity!



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Dr. Saeid, Research Team Lead

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 Dr. Saeid is leading our research students! Aqeel is working on developing quantitative and qualitative measurement tools to evaluate and measure the outcomes of the main activates and services delivered by the Centre for Transformative Social Change.

Aqeel is a full time professor at Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in the Criminal Justice Degree Program.  He also worked as a researcher in several academic institutions including University of Toronto and Wilfred Laurie University. He served as the president of the United Nations Association –Toronto Region Branch from 2008-2010. Aqeel is very involved in community-based work through his capacity as a former board member of the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAST), and a member of the New Horizons: Healing and Hope Coalition (NHHHC). He facilitates healing sessions for children, youth, and families traumatized by war and immigration for several communities in the GTA as one of his roles in the NHHHC. Aqeel holds a Ph.D. in Sociology, a Master degree in sociology and another one in Criminology.

Aqeel looks at the CTSC as a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on facilitating student/citizen engagement in the area of social innovation by sharing knowledge and expertise around transformative social change. It is a philosophical approach that increases awareness about societal collective conscience and individual mindfulness around social change.

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Thank you to our students!

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Thank you to our wonderful team of Humber College School of Social and Community Services students  (L to R): Stephanie Desrosiers, CYC, Diane Rafacz, Criminal Justice Alumni and Skyler Davis, Criminal Justice who helped to make the November 5 & 6th symposium a wonderful event!

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Hello world!

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Welcome to the Centre for Transformative Social Change Site