5th Annual Transformative Social Change Symposium

Transformative Social Change Symposium

Wed. Nov. 14, 2018 – The Centre for Transformative Social Change and The Gatehouse co-hosted the 5th Annual Transformative Social Change Symposium.  Our utmost and sincere gratitude to Humber College School of Social and Community Services for sponsoring the event.

Over 100 persons took part in social justice and transformative community justice discussions on issues including gun/gang violence, poverty, food scarcity, education and child, abuse.

The symposium is dedicated to providing experiential/transformative learning opportunities for students and community members who want to engage in the processes of creating transformative social change. Thank you to the wonderful Centre for Transformative Social Change planning team for another successful event.

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Thank you to all our guest speakers: Regina Hartwick, Manager Humber College, Aboriginal Resource Centre, Maria Barcelos, The Gatehouse, Lacey Ford, Full Circle Art Therapy Centre, Zya Browne, Think 2wice and Elizabeth Correia, She can She Will, Louis March, Zero Gun Violence Movement, Dr. Alok Mukherjee, Distinguished Professor Ryerson University and Former Chair of the Toronto Police Services Board, Arthur Lockhart, Professor and Founder of The Gatehouse, Dr. Aqeel Saeid, Professor Humber College, Meshanda Ellison, The Cycle Ends Now Team, Dia Mamatis and Heather Rilkoff, City of Toronto Public Health.

Outcomes of the event:

* A theme from participants-“Transformational Experience”; “Really want to create meaningful action.”

* Elizabeth Correia will be meeting with Humber students and faculty to explore the development of an on-site space at Humber for Womens’ Empowerment

* Marcell Wilson subsequently spoke at 2 Community Justice Services classes 

* Zya Browne is coordinating a 2 day training session facilitated by Arthur on Trauma, Grief, and Community Engagement to take place in December

* Dr. Alok Mukherjee’s book Excessive Force noted as a text to be integrated into the College curriculum

*Meshanda Ellison’s evolving organization to be integrated with the CTSC

* Support is ongoing with Louis March and his incredible work in addressing gun violence

* Support for MPP Chris Glover in his incredible work in addressing gun violence as a Public Health issue

* Support for Lacey Ford in her work for victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse and art therapy as a response to trauma.

* Support of Dr. Aqeel Saeid in his work with children traumatized by work, Syrian Refugees through the New Horizons Healing and Hope Coalition

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